Saturday, November 28, 2009


Welcome to a different post on this blog. Well, generally I write my posts after my first time visits to places. And that exactly is what makes this post different. This probably is my last trip here during a phase of my life known as Chennai.

To begin from the scratch, Mamallapuram is a small town located nearly 60 km from Chennai. Previously known as Mahabalipuram and referred to as "Mahabs" by the "fashionable junta" of Chennai, this place has loads to offer, from 6th century architectural marvels to continental grilled lobsters. A popular destination amogst foreign tourists and a top pick on lonely planet, this place was a lifelie during my tenure in a lifeless city called Chennai.

Be it the first time when the sea facing shacks with amazing sea food and beer turned out to be a great discovery or the late saturday escapes after work to get a life, this place always lures me with an everlasting freshness. It's rightly referred to as an 'Easily accessible Goa for Chenaiites'

The things to do here range from sightseeig loads of ancient tamil architecture to having a relaxed beer with sea food on the shacks. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. In the surroudig areas, you have a boat club, a crocodile bank and options for go karting too. The better things I've done however would include going all around the city on a cycle at a rate of just Rs.10/ hour and going into the sea to see the sunset from water for a change. The best however was drowning myself in the unpredictable waves.

My love for the place seems so firm that even the sight of death in the brackish waters couldn't alter it. And that exactly is why I'm sitting here facing the sea writing this at Mamallapuram, despite being sleep deprived for more than 2 days. So that I get a chance to say a final bye to this place that turned out to be much more than just a place, a confidante.

I'd just like to sign off by saying thanks for making the "Chennai phase" of my life worthwhile. Will definitely come back for more.